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Money Off Coupon Promotions

What is a Money Off Coupon?

Money Off Coupons can be used to offer your consumers money off their next purchase of your product or even to give it away entirely free!  Whether you are looking to encourage loyalty, trial or repeat purchase, coupons are an excellent way to achieve your marketing objectives.

You can insert coupons in publications, use them within leafleting or door drops, hand them out in store, or even0 print them on pack. Coupons can even be distributed online, by email, or even via web apps or SMS

How it Works

EMIRAT will advise you on what redemption of the coupon you can expect, based on the distribution method, value of the coupon and duration of the claim period to enable you to accurately budget for the promotion. EMIRAT will then provide you with a band of cover above this level, so if the coupon redemption exceeds expectation, you will be able to claim back the difference, thereby protecting your bottom line.

EMIRAT will also help you create the coupon’s terms and conditions and will help organise the generation of the coupon barcode, if required.

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